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Ginger Boosted Healthy Split Pea Soup

I'm pretty sure you've never tried split pea soup this way!

Out of curiosity, I wondered how would Split Pea soup taste with a s#!+ Ton of ginger?

Turns out, it tastes freaking amazing! 🤩

My son, my eldest, and I made this together and he was laughing so hard at the process and enjoyed smelling all of the fresh raw ingredients used for this soup.

I love doing the Cooking with Mama Instagram Cooking Lives, and I can't wait to release all of the goodies I have planned for you all!

There's so much I will be doing with that and I CANNOT wait to show you! But anyway, I digress.

Split pea soup is super good for you because it is high in iron, phosphorus, protein, vitamin A, and flavor! It's simple, yet extremely satisfying AND cheap!

This recipe is combined well because the non-heme iron present in this meal will be properly paired with the Vitamin A rich carrot. This recipe is an overall winner in so many ways!

So without further ado, here's the recipe:


*1 lb bag of dried split peas

*1 raw white onion 🧅

*4 raw carrots, sliced

*1 whole raw ginger root, peeled and minced (yes you heard me right 🤣 an ENTIRE ginger root)

*Freshly cracked pink Himalayan salt and black pepper to taste (~1 tbsp respectively)


1. Open the bag of split peas and rinse them in a strainer or collander. When you rinse them you rinse them, make sure that with your hands you separate the kernels to ensure that each pea is rinsed thoroughly. *Note: When washing split peas, they have a tendency of clumping together when exposed to moisture so it is very important that you do not allow them to clump together and stay clumped together when rinsing them.

2. Once the split peas have been properly rinsed in running water, put them in the pot and be as generous with the water as you want. Split peas will soak up a lot of water during the cooking process so depending on how liquidy you want your soup to be is how you can judge how much water to add. How I like my split pea soup is somewhat liquidy so that usually equates to 3/4 of the pot.

3. Turn on the stove to a medium high heat and make sure to stir frequently to ensure that the peas do not clump together.

4. By this point you should have already pre-cut and pre-sliced the other ingredients but if you haven't this is usually a very good point to quickly cut all the vegetables to make the most efficient use of your time. Cook the peas by themselves for as long as they need until they are mostly tender. This could be 45 minutes to an hour.

5. Add in the onion, Ginger, carrots, black pepper and salt and allow to continue cooking in medium high heat until the carrots are soft. This will be another 3-5 minutes.

Then voíla! You are done!

Let me know in the comments below if you liked this recipe! Also, consider supporting us by making a purchase using the affiliate and direct sale links listed on our homepage. The commissions received from your support help to maintain our page and continue to provide you with delicious, cheap, and healthy vegan recipes. Thank you much for reading! Have a wonderful day!

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